Alexander Ministries Video and Audio Messages          

Jimmy & Anne Alexander  have a Prophetic, Evangelistic, Psalmistry healing ministry of love that will touch your heart and heal your life.

SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION- - (Amazing accounts of God's supernatural protection seen by Jimmy Alexander since 1971.
TESTIMONIES OF MIRACLES - ( Miracles of legs growing out, cripples walking, food multiplied, raising the dead, & more)
TESTIMONIES OF HEALING - The little boy's healing that changed Jimmy's life and all the miracles that continued through his ministry. Miracles of God's love.
DELIVERANCE FROM DEMONIC POSSESSION - (How God in us is greater than satan that is in the world. We have authority and power over demonic forces. All demons are subject to the name of Jesus.)
ANGELS, VISIONS, AND AWESOME MEETINGS - (Angels are ministering spirits sent to minister for the believer. God said in the end times, he would give dreams and visions. Revivalist meetings, where God's signs and wonders were displayed.)
THE GIFT OF FAITH - (It takes the gift of faith to do more than heal, or give a miracle. Hear about the awesome gift of faith that has been seen by Jimmy Alexander since 1971.)

A Note from Jimmy:

God has give me a mandate to strive to heal HIS wife, "The Church."  He spoke to me after the loss of my first wife and told me, "You could not save your wife from the terrible malignancy that was in her, but I am giving you a mandate to strive to heal my wife, the church.  Just as your wife was full of malignant death and did not know it, till it was too late, so my wife is full of malignancy and does not even know it.  Except she finds her place in my arms of grace, she will in like manner perish... What you have felt and feel now for the pain and death of your wife, I feel for mine now.  I want you to go out with my healing power and love to speak life into my church and draw her to my arms of love where she will find great healing and forgivness."